02.28.08 :: 10:38 am

today i am halfway through this pregnancy.
and i can't believe it's been twenty weeks already.

i'm still not feeling too much movement or kicking, but i suspect it's because i have a wall o' placenta blocking the boy.

tomorrow we meet with the insurance lady to square away some details on the car stuff.

apparently, the colossal douchlaser who rammed into us was not only unlicensed but uninsured! so his just getting behind the wheel AT ALL was all manner of wrong.
and the insurance company is ruling in our favor.

thank you. huzzah!

and the sun is shining and it's another predictably beautiful day in southern california.
you better believe i'm trotting out my pregnant body in a bikini at the beach come May and June.
ain't no shame!
i'd like to have a tan to go with the glow!

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