2001-07-16 :: 12:58 p.m.

Lunch in front of the Plaza was a mistake. Well, up until ten minutes ago.

They're filming "The Sopranos" lookalikes out there. I emphasize the word "lookalikes" because I just got shoved out of the way by a pack of moron tourists so they could take pictures.

I really loathe this specific type of tourist.


These women were retarded, permed, tacky, loud, carrying "NBC STUDIOS" gift bags, in matching T-shirts, slowing down sidewalk traffic, representing all the cliches about American culture, and under serious misconceptions about the crime/violence rate in Manhattan because they pushed me aside with such fucking entitlement.

And they couldn't even tell the difference between James Gandolfini and a second-rate clone. How far away from their TV's are they sitting, back in Bumblefuck?

And now, I indigest.

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