07.30.03 :: 11:48 am

Today, in a most horrifically juvenile display, I flipped my boss off behind her back quite spastically.

it felt good, and right, and relieved 17% of the stress I had accrued in my neck and shoulders.

And, speaking of juvenilia... why is it that whenever I start really liking a guy, I always get these insanely paranoid delusions?

I am currently under the impression that between the moment we part company and the moment he decides to call me again, he has lost all interest completely. And that I may as well have not even existed.

This is sick. I'm a grown woman. I'm a grown woman staring at my phone.

I always think it is better to be prepared for the worst than to be blindly optimistic.

Therefore, it will not surprise me in the least if I never hear from him again.

I'm going to have an early lunch. This entire lame-ass thought process has raised itself to Defcon 4 in cigarette necessity.

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