06.03.08 :: 11:31 am

We are taking Stash out to lunch for her birthday at her favorite restaurant (which is like, Chili's, or something equally sad) and suffice it to say I'm really really really dreading being in public with Winnie.

She's so embarrassing. She laughs louder and more obnoxiously when she's out and about. Because not enough people are looking at her, you see. I wish I didn't care if people thought I was friends with her. But it just makes my skin crawl.

And I know I'll have to endure at least 45 grueling minutes of her regaling us with tales of herself from the Book of Winnie Chapter 40 billion.
I want to request she get a diaryland account or a livejournal and shut the fuck up about it in person already for the love of christ.
With her stupid pigtails and trucker hat and stretch pants. HATE. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE.

I've also reached maximum discomfort level with my belly button, in pregnancy news. It most definitely has popped out like a poultry thermometer, and it is a ghastly little flesh nubbin protruding explicitly, and I touched it earlier and literally made myself nauseous.

So yeah, I'm in a mood.

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