11.02.08 :: 9:54 am

as i was telling my bestgirl Ruby yesterday over some sweet-ass delicious cocktails in Hell's Kitchen it feels as though i've taken about 12 Lexapro since setting foot in New York.

Re-read that sentence; there are 10 things in it to be ecstatic about.

Serotonin levels through the roof.

Oliver and I survived the boring plane ride with only one minor crying episode that lasted about ten minutes. People actually thanked me for having such a well-behaved baby, as if I spent months training him in a flight simulator.

New York is amazing, beautiful, breathtaking. Bought a stroller and am taking the tater on strolls through Central Park every day since we've arrived.

The air is sharp and clean and the leaves are turning all around and it's just beautiful. So beautiful.

Honey, I'm home.

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