04.19.02 :: 10:15 am

So I have a meeting at 11 with Miss PissyPants and the Nazi. Well, she is German and crazy... so sue me...

Can't wait. Snark.

After work, it's off to the Raven, I think and then - can't wait - Max Fish. Oh, the scen of too many crimes. Oh, the scene of Ruby's talent-eyeing. Oh, such a good jukebox, but please for the love of sam, turn the lights down in here!

This morning, My Boy asked me what I would do if he became really famous and had to tour a lot and stuff.

My logical response? "I'd get a houseboy."

Not really. But sometimes, I think about the loneliness that might be involved when your spouse starts touring more frequently.

No use in worrying about it now. We'll cross that bridge if and when we get there.

Seven more days till Vegas, baby, Vegas.

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