10.14.04 :: 11:18 am

With the Boss on the warpath, I can't get anything done here today! And no, I'm not talking about work, whatever, I can do that nonsense with my eyes closed. And drunk.

I'm talking about online shoe shopping and discussing all things Palm Spring-y with Moo.

REAL things.

Also, I watched both the debate and the Yankees game last night, switching back and forth and causing a singular, distant, pained howling in the farthest corner of my brain.

I love you so much, Mr. Kerry.
I'd vote for you even if you wore a tutu and a snorkel mask last night, you brilliant, beautiful, sane, heaven-sent man, you.

And as far as the Yankees go, well, I'm a born-and-bred New Yorker. Who else am I gonna root for? The Mets?
Still, they could at least give the Sox at least the illusion of a chance in hell. I mean, I almost felt bad. But then I didn't, when I remembered that my infinitely messy roommate is from Boston. So yeah. Go Yankees, forever and ever.

Christ, it's so not even time to be on the plane yet. Holy shit, I'm going to be in California tonight! Hot shit!

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