08.02.04 :: 9:28 am

Last night's dreams involved every single one of my exes and their new significant others parading their relationships in front of me, even though I was genuinely happy for them to begin with.

And it all took place in some kind of swanky office, where I was trying to get work done, but the buffoons were out in full force, shoving their babies or their engagement rings in my face.


This weekend fleeeeeeeeeeew by, I mean honestly. Where does the time go?

Moo and I spent most of it in a food coma, in front of the TV.

We woke up super early on Saturday to go to the farmer's market where we stocked up on fresh produce and fresh seafood.

And later that night he cooked a gorgeous feast of scallops and some kind of fish.

I had no idea just how Emeril he was until Saturday, God bless him.

One week until my vacation in Greece. Let us all keep our fingers crossed that my flight does not get hijacked, nor does my ass get suicide-bombed while shopping in Athens.

Thank you. Amen. And good day.

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