06.28.05 :: 10:48 am

this moring, i deleted all undesirables from my email contacts. and it felt really, really good.

ties: severed completely.

i worked out really fucking vigorously last night, to the point of kicking and punching in a pool of my own sweat. It was gross, and yet i feel like I could serve many deathblows today.

My guns are getting huge.

not really.
I do feel really good though.

except for the part where i'm dreading going for a pap smear in a few weeks. because i know the drill and blah blah blah, and abnormal results and back for another round of torture-procedures.

hope for the best, excpect the worst. etcetera.

but hey. we cross that bridge when we get to it. no worries.

lately, i've been more crazy about the man than usual. i don't know what it is. maybe it's the start of his summer tan. and the way the hair on the sides of his head is turning white-blond.
it could be the shirts he's wearing. or the way he puts together a West Elm console in under fifteen minutes.

i just don't know. but to me right now, he's the straight up loveliest human male on the planet.

it's gotta be my hormones.

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