08.28.08 :: 8:50 am

November 1, people! We have a date! We're going to be back in Brooklyn's loving arms by November 1!

I'm beyond thrilled. Now that we have a date in place, we can really start looking at apartments for serious.

Already this morning I've fed and bathed the Tater and he's chilling in that ugly fisher-price swing that is like so much crack to him. he's actually laughing and cooing at the mobile animals.

PS I don't think I've mentioned about twelvedythousand times here already that he is the most gorgeous, funny, sweet little person currently alive on this planet. And he's mine all mine. And I grew that little batootle inside me.

Wonders of wonders.

And now he's getting all sorts of cranky. OF COURSE!

PS I've been going to the gym like a good little girl and dare I say ... size 6 is not that far off! All my old clothes are beckoning. And they look so lovely in my closet.
I miss them.

Off to soothe and comfort. It's my new job!

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