12.24.02 :: 10:48 am

In the middle of 3 solid days off of work. And I'm 7 away from very happy new year's eve celebration with my Dilly in Chicago.

Christmas Eve. Mom's in Greece. Got a card from my father, which warms even my cold and dead heart.

The boy and I spent the other day buying plum colored velvety fabric for the couch and golden yellow satiny fabric to make curtains. We're such martha Stewart's, except not really, because we ca't figure out how to hang the fabric as of yet. In time, in time.

Also, I hope he doesn't know what his present is, because I want to see the look on his face.

And Stoosh-dog got some presents of her own. I was going to buy her a festive sweater to wear for the occasion but I caught myself before I undoubtedly would be spending Christmas thinking about my Spiral and how very, very Downward it is.

Happy Holidays, yo.

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