2001-06-05 :: 11:49 a.m.

I'm in the mood for a chocolate croissant. And a strawberry shake.

This is the yummiest combination of foodstuffs. From now on, I can say, "this and this go together like croissants and shakes."

I leave my Whorenuns alone for one day and all hell breaks loose, in other news. Apparently, Denise sent an email to Ruby saying "Call me ASAP, it's urgent! I need your input!" And Ruby forwards the message to Trixi, saying "What am I now, her fucking executive assistant?" And then Denise called Trixi on an unrelated matter and asked her to read an email she had sent her last week, and as Trixi was going through her inbox, she started reading aloud the subject headings of each one, and she read the one that Ruby had frowarded her. And Denise goes, "Wait, why was that email sent to you?"

And thus begins the game of Duck and Cover.

Although, I think Trixi and Ruby can handle it on their own. My only words of wisdom were, "Why are you so scared of Denise? It's not like she's got mob connections or anything." Sheesh, ladies!

But it was funny nonetheless. And someday, they will find it hilarious too.

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