04.07.09 :: 9:19 am

i need a vacation from this baby so bad right now, i'm strongly considering renting him out to would-be parents.

of course, one night with my kid would send any sane person screaming through the streets in frantic search of sterilization but that's a risk i'm willing to take for some PEACE AND FUCKING QUIET.


Why do people have kids again?

Let's just let the population die out, who cares?
We've doomed the earth anyway so let's just stop adding more people to it.
I vote we go Children of Men on the ASAPs.

I'm so delirious with sleep-deprivation that I'm laughing at the thought of my baby being the reason the human species died out.
I'm just picturing a roomful of men putting the kibosh on procreation in a dank basement conference room with a giant projection of my baby's drooling mug on the wall.

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