03.20.07 :: 10:27 pm

i don't even know what i am going to do about a job, people, i really don't.
it's becoming increasingly clear that i am in some respects TOO qualified. Not "overqualified," mind you, but TOO good at what I do and therefore, possibly, a bit of a threat. As it were.

My dream job is nowhere to be heard from.
I will probably have to wait tables or some sick shit. No offense to all the waitpeople out there. I've been there. But I just launched a multi-million dollar fragrance brand.
let's be real for a moment.

I've had some wine.
But still let's be real for a moment.

I have ABSOLUTELY no job and yet I've quit my very high-profile gig. So much so, that someone emailed me saying "I heard through the grapevine..."
and I'm pretty much floored and also eye-rolling into the next millennium.

OK so.
No job. No income. I've got student loans out the ass and nothing even peeking out on the horizon.

I don't know, people,
I. do. not. know.
At a real and terrifying loss right now.
Is where I'm at.


At least there's a road trip.
And there's a rent-free housing situation for the time being.
And there's CALIFORNIA, surf and sun and better skin conditions. Hopefully.

And there's never to have to ride the filthy, offensive subway.
Or walk along a jam-packed touristy SoHo street.

Little things, I suppose.

i think first thing's first, however.

Revel in the fact that I can now, with utmost authority, say things like "What are you going to do when I leave? You're gonna have to learn to figure this shit out on your own, man," at work with a smile and a giddy feeling all up in my heart.

Leaving on a high note? I'm SOAKING in it.

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