04.15.02 :: 10:12 am

Driving to My Boy's show last night, I really feel the need to express how badly karma needs to be instant in certain cases.

Like the dickholes who pulled in front of us in line for the tunnel and gave us the finger.

Like the assclown who whizzed by us at 80 miles per hour and shook the car and scared us all to bits - he should have had an accident already if Instant Karma were real.

Shit like that.

You do something sheisty, you get yours right then and there.

Like a cosmic slap on the wrist, if you will.

I should be running this universe.

The show kicked ass, they just keep getting better and better. I swear to God one day they'll have a huge tour van and crazed fans following them on tour like Deadheads.

Tonight, the fates conspire to bring me closer to my new Hesher boyfriend, Andrew W.K.

Don't laugh. The man is a-mayyy-zing.

I will probably be bloodied and bruised come tomorrow.

But that's okay. Because, the temperature tomorrow clocks in at 80 degrees and this little lady is taking the day off.

Let's get the party started.

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