01.01.05 :: 11:45 am

We went into a food coma at around 9:30 pm, and passed out after a hilarious "started in the kitchen" sexfest but then we woke up at ten to midnight, in time to watch the ball drop and the fireworks to go off approximately a hundred feet from Ryan's bedroom window.

It was awesome.
Stoosh was so shaken by the thunderous sounds, she slept under the covers, between us all night.

We made lobsters for dinner. With grilled asparagus, a tomato/basil/mozzarella salad, and roasted peppers. '
For dessert, I made a lemon mousse with currant jelly on top.

Yum and yum. And also lots of champagne.

2005 is gonna rock, y'all. It's the extension of my '04 Good People, Good Health plan of action and I'm excited.

Tonight is still the weekend.
We're halfway through a Twilight Zone marathon and I can't think of anything finer in life. All this.

I love that I'm not hungover.

Happy New Year!

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