07.05.09 :: 7:50 am

completely awesome 4th of july: we went nowhere and did nothing.
ryan cooked some delicious franks and we ate while we watched a classic MST3K episode and we conked out at 9 PM, getting 8+ hours of sleep.
Which hasn't happened in a year or so.

I feel amazing today.
So amazing that I'm going to ruin it by taking a spin class and then a pilates class right after it.

Also yesterday we went out to brunch with my mother and Oliver and the boy sat in his high chair and flipped through his picture book and ate feta and pita bread and didn't make a PEEP.
Not a single peep.
I could not believe this was my boy.
My well-behaved, adorable, amazing boy.

The day before THAT, we went to the zoo and he nearly died of happiness.
I wasn't sure how it would go; maybe the red-butted baboons would freak him out, or the barn smell would freak him out, or whatever.
But he loved every minute of it.
So much so that his brain was trying to process it all and it was too much for him and he passed out in his stroller on the way home which he hasn't done in months.

What a great weekend.

I even squeezed in a super deluxe mani-pedi with the massage chair.

Oooh heaven is a place on earth.

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