07.05.06 :: 9:22 am

managed to get some beach time in this fourth of july weekend despite uncooperative, assy mother nature and also managed to get to a grill and violate my intestines with various meat products.
all in all, not a bad four days off.
somewhere between the vet and my house on monday, however, i managed to break something in my foot and have been hobbling around most pathetically for the better part of two days.
hopefully it's nothing requiring immediate amputation and i can get back on the treadmill or at least the recumbent bike.
i love it. a bike that you can actually read a magazine while riding.

in other news, my cousin Maria is famous in Greece, or semi-famous...well, just with the nerds anyway. She's the director of logitech for greece and cyprus and they interviewed her in am agazine.

she sent us the article. the best part is the picture of her superimposed riding a gigantic logitech mouse.

the hilarity.

hey! the work week's almost over! already!

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