12.07.04 :: 12:14 pm

Also, now that I'm a little more sober and cogent... I wanted to add that I could not have asked for a more stellar, lovely date for my company party last night.

He wowed my bosses. He wowed total strangers. My mother couldn't stop gushing.
Ryan just exudes charm and wit and he has this way of just making people feel totally comfortable when they talk to him.

He's a miracle and I have absolutely no idea what I did to deserve this person.

Oh, wait, I know. I suffered through the biggest cockfarmers and dickbaskets in the history of dating.
Subsequently, I racked up a whole lifetime of dating karma and finally hit paydirt.

I firmly believe this. Date enough douchebags (especially in NYC) and eventually get rewarded. And I remember being completely reluctant to go out into the New York Dating Scene but if I hadn't, I would not have met the future Mr. Sundaygirl.

I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm rambling. I'm just happy. How unusual.

I've got a new, exciting job and a great boyfriend, and a set of friends that just cannot be topped.

I want this feeling to stay forever. I hope it stays forever. And I hope I can somehow pass it on.

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