01.15.05 :: 11:20 am

Drinking with my girls on a Friday night is exactly what the doctor ordered.
We talked about men, work, and everything inbetween.

Miss Trixi T's hubby at one point asked me if I wanted to possibly reform his old band (which I was such a fan of, back in the days when I was dating Adam the ex-fiance). Of course I agreed. And I can't wait to learn all his songs and fucking rock out.

Ruby's got the right idea. Playing music and being in a band is one of life's little joys.

I'm really glad for the opportunity and I'm kinda honored, really, because Chris Heartdrop is one of the most talented musicians ever, and also a really stellar human being.
I hope it works out. I've got a rock and roll itch that needs scratchin!

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