09.19.05 :: 10:00 am

and then i broke my phone utterly and had to use my birthday money to buy a new one.

on the upside, the new one takes pictures. which will come in handy never, i predict, but it's still a cool little feature that cost less than 80 bucks.

in other news, me and the New York wedding edition have become LIKETHIS. I've scoured each and every page, highlighting any and all possible vendors/locations/psychiatrists and it's going fairly well so far.

ryan will ask his parents to give us the money they were going to use to pay for an extravagant honeymoon for us so that we may be able to pay for these wedding shenanigans.
And instead of the Maldives, we will go to New Mexico or something. Arizona, maybe. Which is fine. I hate travelling 18 hours on a plane anyway.

So, things are coming along.

What's not coming along is my period. Which is nowhere to be found and I know for a fact I'm not pregnant.
I guess it's kind of normal, though. I mean, this is the first month in twelve years I'm not taking the BC pill, so a little irregularity is to be expected.

Still, I'm sort of freaked. I half wish I was pregnant to end the mytery of the missing P.

Fuuuuuck me, I'm so bloated.

Good morning. It's Monday.

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