02.08.08 :: 3:08 pm

been sporting this awesome headache for approximately 17 hours. give or take. tylenol isn't even touching this bad boy.

finalizing the outer packaging of our makeup line and it's been a brutal ride. just brutal.
i'm beginning to feel like i don't want to be in the makeup biz anymore.

although it's infinitely cooler than anything else i've ever done work-wise, it's also infinitely more stressful.

crib, changer/dresser, and 2 bedding sets shipped today. in about 5 months, they'll be covered in baby.

i'm still sort of stunned that there is in fact going to be a squirming bundle of tears and poop at the end of this expanding pants journey.

all i know is that i am rewarding myself with the mother of all cocktails on my birthday next year.
i'm already dreaming of expertly-made, fourteen dollar, beautifully presented sidecars and manhattans.
in manhattan.

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