03.30.05 :: 12:15 pm

i showed ryan the flier i'm working on for the "Ruby & Sunday Fiesta del Boca Vistapalooza" and whatnot and he said to me,

"I have no idea why you aren't doing graphic design professionally."

Is it too late to switch careers? Should I ride this Puff Daddy thing as far as it will get me and then just start my own graphic design business?

That sounded SO dirty.

Anyway. I'm going to be designing our "save the date" and wedding invites, you know, when that time comes around.
And I love that he's into it and supports the endeavor completely.

It's good to get a pat on the back from the guy who throws it in you on a regular basis. Makes me feel, you know, important or something.

Anyway. Yeah.

A party to celebrate our many years of celebrating together. "Dress to relive our most memorable moments." We are hilarious and awesome.

And the sun in the sky today. Oh my, my, my, look who's here.

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