10.04.04 :: 9:39 am

This morning I had two dreams that were not at all out of the realm of possibility in terms of happening in real life, hence making them nightmares.

The first one involved Drummer Boy being committed to a lunatic asylum for the rest of his days. And one of his brothers breaking the news to me. I was pretty upset by this so I went to talk to Drummer Boy, and I guess a wave of emotion spilled over me because I told him that I loved him and wished him the best. He said that he loved me too and the moment was near perfect (in all its sick, demented glory) until he said quietly, "I've got a condom."

And cue the deer.

In the next dream, I was standing in a football stadium filled with Bush supporters. Hellacious.
I started running towards the exit, screaming "Kerry! Kerry!" And this 60-ish year old woman with grey hair starts running alongside me, shrieking "Faggot!" I stopped dead in my tracks and scolded her, "For shame, lady. Seriously. Shame on you."

And then I woke up. Thankgodfully.

On another note, while walking to the subway stop today by my house, I spotted the checkout girl from my local supermarket, Eagle, smooching with the guy who slices the meats and cheeses at the very same establishment.

I wonder if they're having an illicit affair. I don't know why this intrigues me. Probably because I am a boring person.

Moo and I successfully painted my dresser. It looks fully gorgeous, in all its "Cinammon Cherry" colored splendor.

We're getting creepily good at the domestication scene.

Just call me Martha. I'll be taking over for the real one while she's in the clink.

Happy Monday, y'all.

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