2001-06-16 :: 11:54 a.m.

Magically got the day off because someone screwed up the schedule at Basic and put too many people on. Now I'm nursing the hangover properly, reclined, and I almost tossed my cookies when I opened the fridge and saw The Boy's leftover wings and fries as I grabbed the flat soda to settle my stomach.

Denise's party is tonight and apparently the girls are dressing to the nines for it and for Don Hill's possibly maybe afterwards. If Don Hill's is a possiblity, then maybe I'll dress up too but I know that 'dressing up" for me involves putting on a clean shirt and maybe some mascara. I think they've put us on the guest list because we've earned it. So that's a small, good thing. My paycheck thanks me.

Laurie leaves tomorrow for Denmark for two months and yes, this separation anxiety is becoming my friend. Hopefully she'll be out with us tonight and not give into her panic attacks over packing and student visas.

Tallboy just sent me an email asking me out for drinks tonight. Dammit. I guess this means he hasn't disappeared and I will have to break up with him like a civilized person for real now. Did I mention "dammit"?

The Boy is playing a wedding sometime today and I wish I could be there. I love a good wedding. Especially if the people getting married are young and fun.

I will return the DVDs soon. After a nap. I promise. I'm pooped.

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