06.24.05 :: 1:51 pm

having matching hangovers is one of those aspects of a relationship that i like the most.
you both know exactly how the other is feeling, but it's because you both had the same fun the night before.

i'm still going to puke, mushiness aside.

the possibility of picking paint to do up his apartment sometime in the next coming weeks is becoming more of a reality.

Looking at houses to buy made us depressed and yet grateful for the space he's already got, albeit renting.
So we're going to liven the joint up with some benjamin moore and some potted plants and a new piece of furniture or two.

i wish everyone would go to their 2:30 meeting already, so i can fart around and listen to music.

i'm so happy today. no reason. i can't wait to go home and have a sun-and-grill filled weekend.

off to the kitchen for cold pizza leftovers!

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