12.27.01 :: 10:34 am

So, yay, no problem about the church. My aunt in Greece says it's even waaaay too early to book it and it will be easy as pie.


All the people who know they're invited better start saving now because July 2003, we're taking a field trip, kids. I'm just sayin.

In non-marital news, this place is a freaking tomb. Everyone is still on vacation and I've been left to roam the halls, lonely. No, I'm kidding. I'm not lonely at all.

For lunch, I think I'll deposit my paycheck and go buy something for My Boy. Because it was a very difficult fiscal year, I couldn't afford to buy him Christmas presents. And I still owe him about two grand for the deposit on the apartment.

That double shift worked wonders for me, moneywise. So he's getting a belated gift. Whatever.

Santa fucks up sometimes. He's only human.

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