10.31.01 :: 10:03 am

Ew, Halloween.

Never got into it. Don't really care about dressing up or whatever. It just doesn't make sense. It's such a non-holiday.

Maybe because I'm Greek. We have a sort of Halloween-y type holiday, but it's in April, and it certainly doesn't involve egging cars or teenagers banging down your door for candy.

Whatever. Anyway, tonight: The Strokes. Rock on!

I'm thinking of making a very quick guest appearance at Drummer Boy's birthday party at Mugsy's, and then hightailing it over to Brownie's for My Boy's show, and then scurrying off to Hammerstein Ballroom for the Strokes.

I hope I can pull this off. Because I really would like to see the samples and electronic wizardry that will be My Boy's show. I listened to them put it together last night and it sounds like it's gonna rock.

We had our first real argument last night. Surprisingly, it went very well. And all is full of love today, so it worked out.

I love how the city is on a "high state of alert" for Halloween. Islamic extremists don't celebrate Halloween. Who are we worried about, then? Oh, I know, psychotic Americans! Yay!

I'm out. There's coffee to be had somewhere in this office.

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