06.10.08 :: 3:27 pm

i'm utterly too exhausted to even form coherent thoughts.

dreams last night involving me paying good money to go on "The Tour of the Halls of Exes" (gah!) wherein I got to relive one random day from each of my past relationships.

Crazy British Ex's exhibit involved the time we smoked too much pot and I got paranoid that he had poisoned me.
Which, in retrospect, probably wasn't all that farfetched.

Rock Star Ex's day was the time we got caught in a torrential downpour in Manhattan while I accompanied him to make stickers for his band.

Mr. M and I walked around Greenwood Cemetery the day I lost my wallet.

There were more... My first college boyfriend and I on a bus to Massachusetts for his father's wedding. I was 19 and I still wore barrettes.

What does it all mean?
Am I dying?

The last thing I dreamed was that I was breastfeeding Oliver in this Pavillion of Former Love Interests and for some reason, the kid would just not latch on and I was SPRAYING milk all over the place.


But the funny thing was that I was spraying GRADE A PASTEURIZED VITAMIN D WHOLE COW'S MILK.

I need therapy.
And a cocktail.

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