11.19.01 :: 2:50 pm

I'm about to reinstate the 3 o'clock bathroom nap. That couch in there is very inviting.

After a huge deforestation of inter-office memos, it's been determined that we are free to go at 1:00pm on Wednesday, and not to return until Monday.

Fucking a' right!

This makes my holiday.

Pack up the Stoosh supplies, get in the car with My Boy, and drive drive drive to Philly.

Yee-ha. Thanksgiving, in all it's non-holiday, non-ness, I only celebrate the food.

Every day I'm thankful, not just every November. So the Greek in me is all "huh?" but I will be extra thankful for My Boy's sister-in-law's food.

Buns in the oven.

No, not mine.

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