01.03.07 :: 11:49 am

i succumbed to the whimsy and the lure of the shiny new ipod and got myself a nano, black.

supposedly, i should have less trouble with the nano since it has no moving parts, unlike its clunky, clumsy sibling the 4th generation ipod.

it's adorable.
i'm out a considerable amount of cash but it's payday tomorrow so i'm not sweating it.

ryan's itching for us to go to california together in february, so i have to set aside airfare for that and i'm like "weren't you JUST there?" but I'm holding my tongue because he works from home and he's stir-crazy. I get it.

At least it's a trip to Palm Springs and some sunshine.

And I've got Ativan leftover from the wedding, so hooray for that!

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