06.28.03 :: 6:04 pm

Why is it that every time you think everything's hunky dory in the Land of Opposite Sex Friendships, someone always has to change their mind and decide that they want to "be" with you.

"I want to BE with you."

"I'm sorry but I have to tell you that I want to BE with you."

Hey. Hey, Guy? You've been hanging out with me this past month, right? You've witnessed the debacle that was my engagement and the insanity of my relocation and the psychosis of me trying to get my life back together.

Then what in the fucking fuck are you talking about now?? You want to BE with me?!

I'm not qualified at this stage in my life to BE anything, let alone with another human being romantically.

"Oh but I want to BE with you."

Oh. OH okay. Well then since you sound so convinced, I should just BE with you because you act like I peed in your cornflakes when I said I don't want a boyfriend right now. Or really, EVER.

Stop fucking shit up! Things are fucked up for me as it is! I love you, you're my friend, but you're a pain in my ass.

Now go BE with that for a moment.

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