04.07.08 :: 9:20 am

jam-packed weekend.

we took a tour of the hospital and it was really quite swank. i mean, for a hospital and all.

and we ate a shitload of fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits and mac and cheese at the in-laws' yesterday to christen their brand new remodeled kitchen.

And when we got home we watched a documentary on the supposed Humanzee, who's also named Oliver.
When he's old enough not to be terrified by the prospect of human/monkey hybridization, I'm going to teach Oliver about Oliver.

In work news, these bitches are fucking bitches.
Long story short, I left at 6:30 on Friday after a long week of preparing Stash for her meetings in New York and of course get looked at sideways for it and then find out that they all re-convened on Saturday (a fucking SATURDAY) to get shit done that Stash should have gotten done the entire week prior (again, your poor time management is not my problem) and of course I didn't get called in either because they knew I was going to flip out or because they are realizing that I'm PREGNANT and can't be lugging boxes and sitting on floors for 4 hours straight or because they're trying to "punish" me vis-a-vis a psychological game and either way, I AM NOT HAVING IT.

When the office is closing at 7 and they're kicking people out, and Stash runs off to a MEETING at 6:30 without leaving some kind of instruction, I'm sorry, but I'm not going stick around and wait for her MAJESTY to return.

I don't have only myself to think about. I have a Ryan who waits patiently in the parking lot every day and any of my time that gets sucked up by this place is also sucking up HIS time as well

and nobody seems to GET that.

Not only that? But it pisses me off to NO END that Stash called me at 6:45 to bitch at me for leaving and not doing some graphic design thing for her when A) the file was wrong anyway, and me sitting there at 7:00 wasn't going to change that and B) she had hired a graphics design temp for the entire day that day so ASK HIM TO HELP YOU, THAT IS WHAT HE IS HIRED TO DO.
Again, her poor time management skills become MY PROBLEM and it's really fucking irritating.


If I am going to be fired for leaving "early" during her particular crisis I will bring it up with HR how it is frustrating to no end that we are expected to respect the company's time and yet our time is not respected at all whatsoever in return.
And also how SHITTY to fire someone who is almost 7 months pregnant.
Besides losing benefits (which is in and of itself a horrifying prospect) it's just a really low blow.

Can I sue? I'm pretty sure I can say it's discriminatory.

How dare they make me feel guilty for working ten hours a day?
Shouldn't that be enough?

it's like Office Space, with the fucking 15 pieces of flair.
"Well, if you want us to wear more flair, why not make 20 the minimum?"


I need to calm down because I'm getting all overheated and sweaty just thinking about it.

Moving forward.

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