05.05.02 :: 11:46 pm

i never thought I'd live to see the day when MTV played a pretenders video instead of, I don't know what, Puddle of Shitt. It's refreshing, in such a nostalgic way. I might dance down the stairs out of the sheer joy this is bringing me, but I know it's only the martini speaking.

I had a great weekend. What happened Friday? Um, I know I know this. Hang on. Oh yeah! A really fun show supplied by My Boy and his partners in Rock. And Saturday, the boy and I had a date to see a movie that really hit close to home. In fact, when the slaughtered lamb, skinned and hog-tied was brought into the house and the entire audience roared with laughter, I was like "What's so funny? Totally normal."

And then the dancing shoes go on and the girls and I lose ourselves like the old days. Somehow woke up in time to meet the Moms and the mister for our traditional Greek Easter late lunch which of course included slow-roasted lamb and potatoes.

I also could not resist the temptation to buy the fucking loveliest sequined purse with wooden handles. It reminds me of the tiki bar we had drink at in Vegas.

Hi, also, um ... where in the fuck is my tax return? I give you one more fucking week you little weasels.

Hell. Work tomorrow. This reminds me of Beth and her saying long ago, "I want to move into a tree house in the forest and create my own little colony of squirrels and never have to speak to anyone ever again." Hmph. You're preaching to the choir, sister.

Now, bed time. But, not before I add a few things to the unrealistic Amazon wish list.

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