11.14.04 :: 6:06 pm

The drugs may be wreaking internal havoc, but as far as the external goes it's only been three days and my hands are already back to normal.
Incredible. The miracles of modern science.

Moo's been keeping a watchful eye over me. His father takes the same drugs since he got his kidney replaced and so he knows how they work and what they do and all that.

Moo also has the same degenerative kidney disease. Which means he'll have to have it replaced eventually, or be on dialysis for the rest of his life which is so fucking frightening I can't even think about it for too long without becoming totally apoplectic.

We had a really lovely weekend together. He saw me at my crankiest and I saw him at his and we snipped and snarked at each other over something insane (see: tupperware), but apologies came easily and we were back to cavorting beneath comforters and then bundling up in a hundred layers to brave cold weather for coffee.

Movies watched: 3
Hot beverages ingested: 12

I am not ready for Monday.

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