06.13.02 :: 2:09 pm

Need tomorrow like nobody's business. Bed's too big, but we already knew.

Postponed the Girly Day at the Beach due to shitty weather.

Ate my weight in spinach salad. Gotta keep the low-carb NO BREAD diet until this belly overflow hangs flat. Must introduce sweating to this mix, somehow.

I feel like I need to be pampered. Like a day of just selfish Sundaygirl Time. I would like a massage and a pedicure and a bubble bath and champagne drinks.

Alas, my budget laughs at me. A girl can dream big and do practical. DIY, at home, sister.

Two more months until my one and only and I are Greek beach frolicking with my friends and fam.

I can smell this summer's goody bag from here.

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