2001-06-11 :: 9:43 a.m.

The first song off the new Radiohead is really getting me today. "I'm a reasonable man, get off my case, get off my case, get off my case..." mumbled over and over and over makes for some Monday morning commute. God love Thom Yorke.

What did I do this weekend? It's troubling that I can't remember right away. Oh, yeah. Saturday night was so much fun. I went to Don Hill's with Ruby, her ex-boyfriend, and RSE. We danced like maniacs. We left around 3:30 am and on the way home, RSE gave me a ride back to my house in a shopping cart we found on the street by the train station. I've never been shopping-carted that far before. It was pretty funny.

Sunday I woke up God-knows-how, and lugged my ass to work. RSE bought some kind of music generator game for Playstation2 and it's wow. High Impact Shadow Duo will be in effect pretty soon.

He made noodles with peanut sauce and I ate about three bowls of it, promptly realizing that I am a huge, gigantic pig. But it was yum.

I am looking forward to July. Coney Island's Siren Music Fest, Rocket from the Crypt on the 27th, Florida with RSE on the 28th.

Stuff's happening. I'm feeling finally in a good space.

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