02.19.04 :: 9:17 am

Don't you just love it when you hear a song for the first time and you love it so much that you have to play it on repeat at least thirty-five times and you still don't get sick of it?

I'm currently doing that with a Shins song, "Mine's Not a High Horse." I highly recommend it to those who share my musical interest.

So my mystery illness is gone. I'm feeling pretty super today, apart from a slight sore throat, but that's nothing a few drinks won't take care of later.

And I went to the Good Doctor yesterday and he gave me a seven week supply of Lexapro for free! Free! And he prescribed me some calming drug ("It's a controlled substance, and it's addictive, so I'm only giving you four.") to take before my flight to Cali next week and he's just such a great, great, fabulous little Santa Claus of a man that every time I see him I want to hug him really tight.

"You're perfectly healthy," He said. "See you in six months."

I'm skipping on air these days. I'm broke, but it don't matta. I had a prmising interview and today is payday.

I don't care if it's the drugs talking. I'm about twelve different kinds of happy all at once and last night while watching "The Bachelorette" with my roommate, I realized that I'm in love with my boyfriend.

Wow. It's been years, people, years.

I'm going to suck on some echinacea and vitamin C and pray for 5:00 to get here before I know it.

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