02.12.04 :: 12:10 pm

I can't express how badly I need this weekend. I am being ridden so excrutiatingly hard at work that it takes all my inner strength and all my zen buddhist thoughts to keep a calm exterior.

Inside, I'm all roiling hostility and howling.

Anyhow. Tonight, Mr. M and I hang out at Buttermilk ingesting whiskey and taking some photobooth pictures to commemorate this here love we've found.

And then tomorrow, dance dance dance dance all night long with my girl, Ruby.

Saturday it's a Kiki & Herb extravaganzapalooza to celebrate St. Valentine (He of the most unworthy saints)'s Day with Mr. M.

And then Sunday and Monday, days of rest and relaxation thanks be to dead Presidents.

Two weeks until my Four Days in California Doing Who Knows What in the Sunshine.

And next month, the lovetart and I embark on a road trip to Maine for some outdoorsy camping and nature-type stuff.

The positives far outweight the negatives lately and I'm liking that feeling.

Good People, Good Health.

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