09.14.04 :: 10:21 am

Though I will probably be skipped for consideration for this job in favor of someone who already works at the company, I have just applied for an assistant manager position at My Favorite Makeup Brand Ever In The History of Life, Ever.

I have gone the route of "not saying anything for fear of jinxing it" before and it never worked so I'm just gonna blabber about it.

I want this job. WANT WANT WANT. I want to work on Prince Street and I want to actually have an important job title and a salary and healthcare and I want oh I want want want pleeeeeeease baby Jebus, please oh gimme gimme gimme I am so deserving of this I really really am!

Phew. OK.

Cross fingers and toes. Light a candle to the Gods of Makeup. And write a prayer in Eye Kohl #45, Powersurge.


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