02.24.04 :: 7:11 pm

If you have recently spent one hour in a line at the bank, one and a half hours in a line at the DMV, and another two hours in a line at the Social Security Department (of Spite and Misery) surrounded by crying babies due to the fact that your beloved wallet and all its contents were stolen, it is because God hates you.

And God hates me.

Mr. M and I continue down our merry path of kissyfacing, but something freaked us both out and we decided that we possibly became boyfriend and girlfriend way too fast so we demoted each other to "This Very Lovely Person I am Dating" and we celebrated by having three hours of nook-nook followed by food and a shower and some pot and "The Shining."

A very good ending to an otherwise idiotic, crappy day.

And now to put together Stoosh-dog's pet carrier which she is most certainly bound to puke in the second we get into the taxi.

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