11.07.01 :: 12:11 pm

Even on her days off, my mom comes into the office to take me out to lunch. Is that woman rad or what?

After a lame morning of getting our new ID's (you have to swipe to get into the building now! Next up, retinal scans!) and no tea in the kitchen (grrr!), I'm actually very relaxed and ready to assign codes to a whole slew of new prodcuts. Bring it on.

Oh, and here's just another reason why I like only about seven girls: because the ones standing in line in front of me at the ID center held everyone up "needing" to retake their pictures because they didn't look good. And when I rolled my eyes and looked at my watch they gave me a look.

OK, it's an ID card, first of all. Get over it. You swipe it, nobody even sees it.

Thirdly, grow the hell up.

I could just tell...these are the kinds of girls who are nice to your face and talk shit the second you're out of sight. The kinds of girls who'll invite you to happy hour and then call you a slut when you talk to a guy at the the bar. The girls who secretly envy you but give you hell anyway.

I'm glad the girls in my life aren't like this. Does this mean we have boy genes?

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