01.11.02 :: 10:58 am

All caught up with this here work business; all the makeup buying ladies will not be disappointed in 2002.

The dog's been barking at seemingly nothing as of late. At night, usually. It could just be because she's a schizo, or (and in my opinion, the more plausible explanation) she's seeing ghosts.

I could have sworn the way the couch looked when I turned the lights off a few weeks ago..I could have sworn there was a man sitting there.

Not to get all spooktastic. I mean, it very well could have been that I was drunk. Or just hallucinating. The eyes play tricks.

Still, creepy. And now with Stoosh-dog barking in the middle of the night out of nowhere.

Poo on that I say.

Tonight, lovely ladies unite. And drink each other under tables.

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