02.03.07 :: 8:29 am

my team and i are up for 4 Fifi Awards in May.

This is a big, huge, deluxe, mega deal. It's pretty much the Academy Awards of the cosmetics industry.

Our table cost $35,000. Black tie. Red Carpet. Celebrities. EVENING GOWNS.

Of course, I won't be going. But being able to write down "Fifi Award Winner" on my resume is pretty much the highlight of my career, or anyone in the INDUSTRY.

And I know we're winning at least 1 of our 4 nominated categories. Because they've invited Diddy himself to attend.
And they wouldn't do that if he wasn't going to win something.

Rock and roll.

I've made it. I've arrived. In New York.
Therefore, as the song goes, I can make it anywhere.

This strange burst of self-esteem is brought to you by Late Nights, Coffee, and Gettin' Er Done.


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