09.04.06 :: 8:59 pm

i realize i am coming late to this, but i need to document it here, for my own sanity, so that no one can ever say "Well, that fucking Sundaygirl, she had AWFUL taste."

RENT is the worst movie ever produced. Ever. In the history of life. EVER. And if you are a fan of this movie, you are HIGHLY suspect.

Not only that, but I'd wager that you are also a 33 year old virgin, and possibly... POSSIBLY still living in your parents' home with 15 years worth of Playbills under your bed.

Oh my GOD why was this film ever MADE even? I can't understand. I can only thank the Lord Our Christ that I didn't pay money to see it.

Oh my GOD.
OH MY GOD. This is worse than when that little foreign dude simulated oral sex in my general direction as I was walking the dog this morning.


I need Ryan to come home to stop me from my worst self. Otherwise, I will devolve into a rum raisin ice cream-devouring mass on the couch, subjecting myself to the worst visual assault ever shat out by Hollywood.

I send an SOS out to my mans.
Baby, if you can hear me, I LOVE YOU. SAVE YOURSELF!

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