12.22.04 :: 8:49 pm

holy shit.

am i EVER in over my head.

The field trip to the plant was insane. We got a tour of where the lotions and creams were mixed in 3,500-ton capacity tanks.
We sported hair nets and safety goggles and peered into gallons of 160-degree lipsticks being stirred by mechanical arms gently, gently, in pink and red liquid candy oceans.
We watched lipstick get assembled and get put back into recycling if they turned out badly.
And we saw where the sickeningly expensive Creme de la Mer powders are mixed and made into the most expensive beauty product in the universe. And we got a free jar of the stuff each.
There was a special room we were not allowed to enter, but only allowed to view from a little window in which all the alcohol-based products are mixed.

It was informative, and frightening.

And then I had a grownup lunch at a very grownup restaurant and I was the youngest person at the table and I was asking all the right questions and taking in all the necessary information to do this SCARY-ASS job ...

and I'm totally, 100% mortified and feeling like they're all gonna find out I can't do this

But I can do this
I can totally do this

it's just A LOT of learning and A LOT of remembering the chain of command and procedural mumbojumbo ...

Frightening acronyms out the wazoo... COG and MOC and RRMLE and I don't even know

I am overwhelmed. But I'm eager to see how I handle myself and how I put Puff Daddy's fragrance in stores November 2005.

It seems light years away.

I miss Ryan. FYR.
That's For Your Reference.

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