05.12.02 :: 2:51 pm

Good, good weekend. Good fun.

After happy hour on Friday off to a party in Brooklyn where I spent the entire night drinking sangria while kicking people's asses in gin rummy. Because I'm a social butterfly like that.

The next day is was on to my fitting. And it went great. And I'm done. You heard it right here, folks. My bridal attire is all taken care of, i will not have to think about it again until January. They had some nice shoes I tried on and liked and they were only $65 so Manolo Blahnik can shove his $455 ones up his ass -- pointy side first. I must say that while I looked pretty good, I felt like a huge snowbeast, veil and all. I told the seamstress we'd have to leave extra room for my pouch because I'm planning on eating my face off on that very special day.

Saturday night at Uncle Joe's we watched some rock and roll action and then had some celebrating at the Sweettits abode and then My Boy and I rode our bikes home. Which was dumb, considering my blood/aclohol level was off the chart. I am pretty sure I go a semi-flat tire and made him detour to the gas station so I could fill it up. Well, okay, he filled up the tires because all I could manage was unscrewing the valve caps.

Got home, got into bed, and then gossipped like 2-person sewing circle (which happens a lot when we two get drunk), venting and venting and it was terribly cathartic.

Which brings us up to speed today on Sunday. Stoosh-dog is not being very good to me on Mother's Day, choosing to ignore ignore ignore until her naptime is over.

Convo with my mom, briefly recapped:

"Mom, do you want to go out for dinner?"
"No, it will be raining. I don't feel like it."
"But it's Mother's Day."
"Bah. Stupid American holiday. Pointless. Money sucking. What, someone buys some crappy flowers and they're excused from thinking about their mother the rest of the year? You supposed to love your mother every day."
"Okaaaaay....soooo, no presents, then?"

Sunday night HBO it is, then.

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