11.20.08 :: 8:41 am

just as my illness is winding down, so it ramps up in Oliver and Ryan.

We're still not fully unpacked and it's becoming more and more daunting as the days go by. Why do we have so much shit? Or is it just boxed up retardedly?

Today we're going to replace the glass on a framed poster and drop off the seventeen tons of laundry we've accumulated.

The real fun begins saturday, though. Ladyfriends Cocktail Hour is upon us and I've been looking forward to reuniting with my coterie for a long-ass time.

It's so great to be back. Have I mentioned that a thousand times already? It's really great to be back. Yesterday, while strolling with my perfect little family around the 'hood, Ryan and I remarked that it feels like we never left.
Unfortunately, it cost us $25k or so to figure out that we're New Yorkers for life, natch.

But all important lessons seem to come at a steep price.


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