07.01.05 :: 10:43 am

"Fuck off! Fuck OFF! You are the enemy!"

Such begins the tantrum of insane proportions by Puffy yesterday. what a goddamned diva.

And the thing is, he complains that nothing goes his way, meanwhile EVERYTHING we've done so far has been NOTHING BUT the way he wanted it.

He just needs a reason to exert his stinky dominance all over the place.
I'm surprised he hasn't whipped his dick out yet and peed all over me.

He'll be kissing my ass in six months when this shit flies off the shelves.

What a raging boner he is.


And in the romance department, we fucked with the tv on last night and about ten minutes after the deed was done we were both like "did you happen to catch that risotto recipe?"

ha ha!

love you! mean it!

Delirious with anticipation of getting the fuck out of here,

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