12.01.05 :: 12:56 pm

so we launched the sean john fragrance at saks this morning and i have one word to describe the whole ordeal: obnoxious.

i got yelled at for things beyond my control by the schmoozy, ass-kissy VP.
and when i reluctantly went to get my stupid photo op with the jackass master himself, his bodygaurd pushed me out of the way.

i explained that i worked on the fragrance for the past year and he just shrugged and said "that's what they're all saying."

you know what?
fuck off.

i didn't want to be a part of the mayhem at the store today with the mobs of tourists shoving me to get pictures.
i was perfectly content just getting the hsit to the store and going back to the office.

i don't need to be treated like some starry eyed teenager, ok?

and what gets me is that really high-up executives were CLAMORING to shake his hand and FAWNING all over him and it was just all really vulgar and gross and pathetic and lame.

I snuck out with my freelance creative guy and we smoked cigarettes on the curb and made fun of everyone and took a cab back down to the office.

And now I'm back, left to deal with the aftermath.

Not even a goddamned THANK YOU for making this stupid shit happen. You assholes had product on the shelves, t-shirts on your salespeople, and handkerchiefs to spray the shitty stank on.

Whatever and WHATEVER.
I'm giving notice. I have to start looking for a new job. This place has become beyond the ridiculous.

Again, a big old FUCKYOU.

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